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Bauman's Apple Butter Factory Tour

Video Tour

Watch the factory in action and hear about the history of the business in the video below.

How We Make Apple Butter



-Apples are chopped finely and pressed into cider.


-In the cooking room, whole apples are dumped into the cooking barrels which have the heating coils inside.


-Cider is gradually added and cooked in for about 4 hours. Adding a lot of cider makes our apple butter dark and thick with lots of flavor


-After the cider is all cooked in, the apple butter goes through the screener to take out the skins and seeds from the whole apples that were put in the barrel at the beginning.

-The apple butter is then cooked for another 1 - 1.5 hours until thick.
-The apple butter is put into jars with an automatic filling machine.
-Most of the caps go on with an automatic capper, although sometimes they go on by hand.
-Sometimes Bauman labels are put on the jars, sometimes another company's label, and sometimes no label.


-Our products are sold at our small store as well as through wholesalers and distributors.